For PRISM Belgian filmmaker An van Dienderen invited Brussels based Rosine Mbakam from Cameroon and Paris based Eléonore Yameogo from Burkina Faso to work together on a film in which the differences in their skin color serves as a departure to explore their different experiences with the biased limitations of the medium. Photographic media are […]

Les empreintes douloureuses

Nathalie, a young and beautiful French woman of Cameroonian origin, is obsessed by her image. She is thinking about having her nose done. Her mother, who came to visit her, does not agree with her choice. A dialogue of the deaf begins between the two women.

You will be my ally

On her arrival at Brussels airport, Domé was immediately intercepted. A series of endless interrogations follows during which she recites everything she has learned about her new identity. She is accused of forgery and the use of forged documents. Completely exhausted she starts to feel the inevitability of her return to Gabon getting closer. She […]